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It was a very unusual weekend for shopping over this past weekend for me as upon arriving at TJ Maxx I found their Grand Junction store closed, then there was major construction going on within the Clifton Walmart location. To be honest, I didn't pay much attention to it as I was walking into the store although it was what one employee said when I was checking out that really caught my attention.

As we all know the Walmart store on Warrior Way in Clifton is just a "neighborhood market" meaning it doesn't have all of the items that you would find at the locations on North Avenue or the Rimrock Walmart locations in Grand Junction. But seeing as it's close to my house it's a toss-up where I stop in Clifton or at the North Avenue location.

It's not abnormal to see grocery stores doing remodel project so I didn't think much of it, but when I heard one employee say, "we are moving to all self check-out and removing all cashiers".

While we heard this was going to be the plan, it sure is moving quickly as very soon there will just be one or maybe two employees to assist with all customers attempting to check out their own items at different self-checkout stands at the same time. I know we will all get the hang of things quickly, but I do feel bad for some of our elderly neighbors who will now to forced to work a little harder at the grocery store.

But if you haven't seen the changes since you will notice it the next time you stop into the Clifton Walmart.

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