It's been said that there are all kinds of conspiracy theories at the Denver International Airport.

What better way to help celebrate the 24th birthday of the Denver International Airport than with a cute, super funny gargoyle that plays a hoax on people as they walk by.

Could D.I.A actually be the headquarters of the Illuminati? Some seem to think so.

Several conspiracy theories have been made from Blucifer the evil horse, to the apocalypse clues in the paintings that decorate the halls of the airport or how about the secret society that has ties to the New World Order.

Let's not forget about the unground bunkers and aliens that are taking over.

Rather than trying to prove that all these theories are incorrect Denver International Airport has made the decision to welcome these conspiracies.

In medieval times the gargoyle was very familiar. Symbolizing a beast that would scare off evil and to change the course of rainfall.

Unsure of what to think? Maybe this video can help you decide.

If nothing else it'll give you a good laugh.

SOURCE: 9news

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