Denver International Airport has the best airport food in the entire nation. This is why the Denver Airport has been ranked number one in the airport food game.

Denver International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the nation with the best food of them all. Wanderu has ranked the food of the 50 busiest airports in the nation and DIA came out on top. DIA has 51 restaurants and 19 of them are high-rated, according to CB4.

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Denver Airport has the highest-rated restaurants and was tied with DFW -- Dallas-Fort Worth. The reason why DIA took the cake is that DIA has fewer restaurants than DFW, which means a higher overall percentage of delicious food, according to CB4.

It's insane that 65 million passengers pass through DIA every single year, but that's probably why it has so many restaurants. These are the top five U.S. airports with the best food:

  1. Denver International Airport
    1. 51 total restaurants.
    2. Top restaurant: Root Down
  2. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
    1. 58 total restaurants
    2. Top restaurant: Pappadeux Seafood Kitchen
  3. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    1. 88 total restaurants
    2. Top restaurant: One Flew South
  4. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
    1. 48 total restaurants
    2. Top restaurant: The Refuge Coffee & Wine
  5. Logan International Airport, Boston
    1. 28 total restaurants
    2. Top restaurant: Shojo

The Denver International Aiport has everything from a Coors Silver Bullet Bar, to Mesa Verde Bar & Grill, to Smashburger. We're proud to see DIA get recognized for something other than its creepy blue horse.

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