A few weeks ago, in honor of National Pizza Day, we asked you to vote for Grand Junction's best pizza. The votes poured in, and here are the results.

Congratulations to Bravo Pizza, the winner by a wide margin. As a matter of fact, Bravo Pizza brought in more that 1/4 of the total votes. The Hot Tomato in Fruita was the next closest contender, coming in with 18.35% of the vote.

It was a tight race for a while. A list of every pizza shop we could think of, along with your write-in votes, went public on February 9. From there, voting went crazy.

Bravo Pizza is located at the Colorado Mesa University campus at 936 North Avenue. I have to admit, I've not tried them before. According to their webpage, the business features some truly remarkable business hours, staying open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

Grand Junction Best Pizza

It's amazing the loyalty shown by voters when it comes to their favorite pizza joints. People came out in large numbers to vote. Every pizza shop in town showed strong numbers.

Congrats to you, Bravo Pizza. The students, and apparently the overall population, loves you. Congrats to the other fine contenders. This was a competitive, yet extremely fun, survey.

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