During the course of my adventures around Western Colorado this last weekend, I paused to photograph various sighting of the American flag. For your viewing pleasure, here are twenty-eight random sightings.

Last weekend's adventures (Feb 25 and 26) included a few outings and a couple of concerts. Armed with my dumbphone, featuring the cheapest camera money can buy, I stopped to photograph every flag I encountered.

Subject matter includes flags encountered during hikes on Gunny Loop, Mt. Garfield, a stroll through Palisade, a quick visit to Collbran, and various streets during transit.

Flags ranged from as big as eight feet, to as small as four inches. Regrettably, my course did not take me by some of the colossal flags seen throughout Grand Junction. Then again, it's the thought, not the size of the flag that matters.

For the record, I did practice safety while working on this project. In all cases but one, I stopped my vehicle, stepped out, and then took the photo. In one example, the 29 Road bridge, I could not get out of the truck. There were a number of flags which could not be photographed due to the inability to pull over.

For those who spotted me taking pictures of their houses - I hope I didn't creep you out. A few people wondered what was up with the ding-dong with the cheap phone snapping pictures of their flags.

As you drive through Western Colorado, keep your eyes open. The American Flag is displayed EVERYWHERE. Keep an eye out, and you'll probably notice flags you haven't seen before.

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