The Community Food Bank of Grand Junction has a huge need for donations right now.

With an unprecedented need for their food services since the outbreak of COVID-10, the food bank has been serving double its average volume of food distribution including a new home delivery food box program. This effort has focused on serving vulnerable people who have been forced to stay home during the pandemic. More than 3,800 home deliveries have been made since April.

The holidays are approaching, which is typically the time when we tend to think about donations to local food banks because of increased needs during the holiday season. However, the need is great right now.

The best way to help the Community Food Bank of Grand Junction is through cash donations. A donation of just $10 can produce 33 meals, while a $25 donation can produce 83 meals. If you could manage a $100 donation, that would provide 333 meals to Grand Junction's hungry.

Donating to the food bank is easy to do online with a credit card on their website. One thing to keep in mind when you're making a donation to a charity like this is to be sure and add just a little bit to the total to cover the fees associated with credit card usage.

We are so very fortunate here in the grand valley to have organizations like the Community Food Bank who work so tirelessly to help those in need. They provide the manpower to collect and distribute food to the needy, but they need our financial help in order to do their work.

Making a donation today will make you feel fantastic about doing something to help those in need in our community. But, more importantly, those donation dollars will make a huge difference in the lives of so many people in the Grand Valley.

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