As we get into the holiday season, the Community Food Bank is gearing up to help provide holiday meals. They are asking you to help them provide a great feast for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In the tale "A Christmas Carol"  by Charles Dickens, even poor Bob Cratchit wanted to provide a feast for his family. You can assist the Community Food Bank do the same for others in our area by donating hams and turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

The 2016 Annual Appeal from the Food Bank is asking you to make a donation so that every box of food given out for those big days has a ham or turkey in it. You can also make monetary donations toward this cause on their website. Every ten dollars you donate allows the food bank to acquire forty dollars worth of food.

The food bank accepts donations of food Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at the back door. The Community Food Bank is located at 562 West Crete Circle, just off Pinyon between 25 Raod and 25 1/2 Road. You can also call them at 970-640-0336 or visit their Facebook page.

Together we can provide relief from hunger in Mesa County and make sure everyone has a great meal to be very thankful for.