Do you think representatives from the automobile industry were right when they said, the next generation isn't listening to the radio? Take our poll and tell us what you think!

Amendment to original story: The source that reported this news has recently came forward as having mis-quoted what was said at the event, and this information was not factual or supported by the automotive industry.

According to Radio Ink, during the Radio Convergence Conference this week,

Automobile reps would not confirm which manufacturers would be doing this or when but said everything is moving to IP and radio had better get with the program.

Listener demands and expectations may have altered in this day of social media, but we're committed to grow right along side you and provide as many platforms to engage and interact with you guys as we can, in order to deliver you the best possible product for everyone!
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Our listening habits have evolved from our parents time and will continue to evolve as our children grow, but I can't ever imagine not listening to the radio, what about you?