Can you remember the first time you took a ski lesson or hit the slopes for the first time? I can still remember the first time I tried to learn to ski and spent an entire afternoon falling down a bunny hill over and over.

I have nothing but respect for people who have reached a double black diamond skill level and can handle the extreme pitch that many Colorado slopes have to offer.

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9 Extremely Steep Inbound Ski Runs to Check Out This Winter in Colorado

Flip through the photo gallery below to check out 9 resorts that offer inbound runs with a pitch near 50 degrees or greater. This means you'll experience an incredibly steep and fast descent that you'll never forget. Many of these super inbound runs at higher elevations include hikes lasting 30 minutes or more to reach these incredible runs.

If you love skiing at over 12,000 feet then you will love many of these destinations for extreme skiing in Colorado this winter. We've included directions from Grand Junction to each resort and ski area.

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