What's in a name? It could be a criminal record. Looks like Colorado people (men) with certain names commit more crimes than others. 

The people at the website Protection1, scoured over more than 30,000 mugshots to come up with a list of male names that seem to be linked to criminal activity more than others. Is your name on the list?

Here in Colorado, there is one name that stands above all others when it comes to breaking the law:


Sorry to all Jeremy out there.

Can a person be more predetermined to live the life of an outlaw simply by a name? Well, maybe not. But, the study is pretty interesting.

According to this study, here are the 10 most criminal names:

  • 10) - Joshua
  • 9) - Jerry
  • 8) - Jason
  • 7) - Timothy
  • 6) - Billy
  • 5) - Bobby
  • 4) - Terry
  • 3) - Randy
  • 2) - Johnny
  • 1) - Jeremy

The study goes on to break down several other categories including which names commit which crimes and how often.

Bonus, you can plug your own name in to see what crimes your name is mostly connected. I got assault.

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