Every state has its own list of the little things that just seem to annoy the heck out of the locals. Here in the Centennial State, we tend to put all those things on a list and just call them Coloradon'ts.

What are some things that you would add to the Coloradon't list?

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Things Folks in Colorado Should Avoid Doing

You should try to never buy beer that wasn't brewed in Colorado, just like you should not be that person who always complains about the weather. Scroll through the list of Coloradon'ts below and reach out with our free station app to add another tip to the list.

Coloradon't: Ten Annoying Things You Should Avoid Doing When in Colorado

There are a few no-no's that come with living in the Centennial State. They are easily classified as things you just "Coloradon't" do.

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