A woman that had previously run a child care service in Colorado was found guilty of, among other things, child abuse after it was found that she was hiding 26 children behind a false wall at her facility.

Tipped Off to Police

The woman, Carla Faith, was running a child care facility out of her home in Colorado Springs until authorities were tipped off about her not-so-legal practices and her business was subsequently investigated.

A False Wall in Her Home

Authorities were shocked to find that in addition to the children being cared for at the woman's home, she had also hidden 26 children behind what has been described as a false wall to hide the fact that she was "taking care" of more children than she was legally allowed to, being the sole employee of the care center.

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The false wall hiding these children was located in the basement, where police found the 26 children being hidden in an investigation that took place in November of 2019.

Found Guilty

Nearly two years later, Faith has been found guilty of not only child abuse but also found guilty of running a child care facility without a license and attempting to influence a public servant.

It is unclear as to what Faith will be facing as far as punishment goes as she is set to be sentenced at a later, undetermined date.

El Paso County District Attorney Michael Allen had this to say about the incident:

Having the kids locked in the basement at a place that they were taking their kids to for care. Someplace they trusted and felt like they were getting the care that they were expecting to achieve. These kids were put into danger.


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