The wind was the talk of the town yesterday, because not only did the gusts mess up our hair, blow over semi trucks and feed wildfires, it was damn cold. We couldn't even walk across the street without yelling, 'MY EYES' as we got blasted with dust. It was so windy and dry here, you could see the dust clouds via satellite. 

According to 9NEWS, two of the windiest regions in Colorado yesterday were here, just north of Fort Collins (70 mph), and out east on the plains near Denver International Airport (60 mph).

The wind was so extreme near DIA, it delayed flights, and some of the dust can be seen from space on the National Weather Service's radar, as seen on their Twitter. Below is also a video of what it looked like from the ground.

The National Weather Service in Boulder reports that there is no high wind warning for Northern Colorado today.


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