What reasons would you give to someone who was thinking of making a move to Grand Junction, Colorado? Now, what if we asked you to give wrong answers only?

Example: Why should people move to Grand Junction, Colorado?
Answer: For all the beautiful palm trees we have!

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We love our hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado. It is one of the prettiest places in Colorado to call home. From the Bookcliffs to the Grand Mesa, and the Colorado National Monument, there isn't a better playground to be found in the Centennial State. In order to protect our little corner of the Rockies, we thought we would share a bunch of wrong answers about moving to Grand Junction in hopes of keeping our little secret a bit longer.

Wrong Answer: Moving To or From Grand Junction is Easy

The best wrong answer might be that moving to or from Grand Junction is a piece of cake. If you have had to move to Grand Junction from elsewhere, you know how expensive it can be to have movers bring you here. If you have had to move away from Grand Junction, you probably already know how difficult moving out can be once you are here. You may need to drive to Vail just to get a Uhaul.

You Should Move to Grand Junction Because...

Shirley Russell Obrien says you should move to Grand Junction because your car always wants an alignment and new shocks every six months.  Charlie Cooper says you won't find better temperatures anywhere else on Earth. Crystal Maddox says you should move to Grand Junction because there is no crime here. Stephanie Price says you need to move to Grand Junction for the amazing beaches. Bring your own sunscreen.

Why People Should Move to Grand Junction, Colorado. (Wrong Answers Only)

We asked you to tell us why people should move to Grand Junction, Colorado. We also asked for wrong answers only. Scroll on to enjoy the laughs you shared with us on our app and on social media about all the reasons to move to the western slope. Wrong answers only.

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