Colorado is famous for warnings. Avalanche warnings, Red Flag warnings, Cannabis warnings, and more. What if the entire state came with a warning label?

We asked you to help us think of some warning labels for the state of Colorado, and we have shared several of the early responses in the photo gallery below.

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Colorado Warning Labels

If the state of Colorado came with a warning label, what would it say? Examples might include Warning: you are one mile above sea level. Warning: our NFL team is just not clicking right now. Warning: the political climate in Colorado will annoy you.

Open our station app and hit the chat button to send us your Colorado warning label so we can share it on the air.

Most Popular Warnings So Far

So far, warnings about rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, or rocky mountain oysters all take a backseat to responses warning others about Colorado's political climate. This question lends itself to several fun ways to answer, but the responses show how passionate many are about how the state once was and how it is now.

Miscellaneous Warnings About Colorado

Warning: there are cannibals in the mountains. Warning: there are no guide rails. Warning: there are no permits left today for Hanging Lake. Warning: there is water in the Mount Garfield tunnel. Should we also warn people before trying a Pueblo Slopper?

Check out some of the Colorado warning labels we've received so far, and help us add a few more to the list below.

If Colorado Came With A Warning Label, What Would It Say?

The possibilities are endless. What things could you imagine seeing on a Colorado warning label? Would you warn people about winter weather, green chiles, the high cost of living, or something else? Open our station app and send us your Colorado warning label.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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