I hate spiders. All shapes and sizes. A itsy bitsy spider makes me just as uncomfortable as a tarantula does, and I'm usually the first to squish them and ask questions later.

Colorado is not a state to be gun-shy in as we are home to a dozen different venomous spiders that can make people pretty sick.  Especially young children and pets. Keep going to see the twelve most common venomous spiders found in Grand Junction and around Colorado.

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Highly Venomous Spiders in Colorado

The three most venomous spiders found in the Centennial State include the Southern and Nothern Black Widow spiders, as well as the creepy and nasty-looking Brown Recluse spider.

Bites from black widows, the brown recluse, or Colorado's hobo spider can all cause swelling, pain, and sickness. Some people will experience headaches, muscle cramps, and even difficulty breathing.

Less Venomous Spiders in Colorado

A number of less-venomous spiders are found in Colorado as well. While they are not as dangerous as black widows, these spiders are still venomous.

  • Hobo Spider
  • Carolina Wolf Spider
  • Banded Garden Spider
  • Striped Fishing Spider
  • Triangulate Cobweb Spider
  • Mouse Spider
  • Cat-Faced Spider
  • Zebra Back Spider
  • Apache Jumping Spider

Keep going to see the full list, along with the places these spiders like to hide so you can avoid encountering them.

What Should I Do If A Venomous Spider Bites Me?

Spider bites from a black widow, brown recluse, or some hobo spiders may require a trip to the ER or the doctor. If you have an especially bad reaction to a venomous spider bite, seek medical attention. Cleaning the bite wound, and applying an ice pack can help slow swelling and the spread of the venom.

Keep going for a closer look at Colorado's venomous spiders.

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