We had to know it was coming, but regardless it's here as Colorado is soon to be home to the world's first ever marijuana scholarship.

According to the Gazette, voters in Pueblo County have approved a 5% tax on pot growers that is expected to generated $3.5 million in revenue by 2020. The money would be used to fund scholarships to high school seniors who attend one of the county's public colleges.

While it depends on the number of scholarship applications, it's projected that around 400 students a year will receive $1000 in scholarship money from the pot tax.

The new scholarships are not without controversy, however. A product that students aren't supposed to touch until age 21 helping to fund their education at age 18?

Additionally, the two schools that are eligible for the pot scholarships Pueblo Community College and CSU Pueblo could also be eligible to use some of the tax money for medical marijuana research. CSU Pueblo welcomes the money, but does not allow pot on campus.

And, so we would ask the question - what do you think about the pot scholarship? Is this something that other counties should try to implement as well? Does the benefit to students outweigh any negative repercussions that could result? Are we sending mixed signals to our youth?

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