Colorado has just surpassed its own record for pot and marijuana sales. In July, sales reached $136.9 million statewide.

Another month has passed and so has thousands and thousands of dollars that could be funneling into Mesa County. Try the math on this, every month since June 2016 Colorado marijuana sales have surpassed the $100 million mark. That's every month!

The revenue generated from medical and recreational marijuana sales tax is no joke. Take a look at the 2016 numbers of our neighboring counties:

  • Gunnison - $163,313
  • Pitkin - $263,152
  • Garfield - $443,677

That could be a stream of money pouring into Mesa County instead of bypassing us. It seems like an easy transition to make. There is no doubt Mesa County and Grand Junction need the money and from what I have seen, there have been few repercussions experienced by the Colorado counties that are engaged in this market.

It may be time to do some forward thinking instead of digging in our heels and refusing to see what this opportunity could do for us.

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