Teachers and staff of some Colorado schools are training to be their own first responders in a crisis situation. Are you comfortable with your child's teacher carrying a gun in their classroom?

17 Colorado teachers and staff members just wrapped up a three day Active Shooter training program in Weld Country. Most, for good reason, have decided to remain anonymous. Colorado 9NEWS spoke to a few of those in attendance.

The organization Coloradans for Civil Liberties, founded by Laura Carno, furnished the tuition for those Colorado teachers and staff that singed up for the training. The training is known as FASTER Training. That stands for 'Faculty/Administration Safety Training and Emergency Response.'

Right now, Colorado law allows teachers and staff to carry a concealed weapon in their school. They must however, have an active permit and be recognized as a security officer. The majority of the teachers and staff  in the program already carry concealed weapons to school.

Overwhelmingly, rural school districts seem to embrace this idea. For them, first responders are 30-40 minutes away in most cases. With this training, they believe they can be their own first responders.

Of course, there are arguments against this training. Anytime you put MORE guns in an area, that does increase the chances of something terrible occurring.

Do you, as a parent or just as a resident of Mesa County feel about this type of training program. Would you encourage District 51 teachers and staff members to embrace this?

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