Colorado's Attorney General is suing Purdue Pharma over allegations it has been fraudulent in how it has marketed the drug Oxycontin.

The state says the company has been deceptive as well as fraudulent in how it marketed the drug, leading people to believe it was safe.

The State of Colorado has joined Larimer County and 12 other Colorado counties in suing the pharmaceutical giant, stating it led to over 3,000 deaths between 1999 and 2017.

Each of the counties will file separate lawsuits, as will Colorado, in an attempt to get the opioid issue under control before anyone else dies because of it.

Further stating the misconduct alleged by the state was done so because the company and others who produce opioid prescriptions did not take public health in mind when marketing the drugs, misleading them about the risks involved with the drug.

It is hoped that a successful lawsuit will at least reimburse families for the costs they incurred as a result of the prescription drug.

Purdue Pharma vigorously denies the allegations presented in the lawsuit.

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