Did you know that Stephen King, one of the most successful authors of all time, used to live in Colorado? Colorado must have left quite the impression on King because he has written several novels about the Centennial State.

Stephen King has written 71 novels during his life, and he most likely will not stop anytime soon.

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Stephen King Lived in Boulder, Colorado


Stephen King called 42nd Street in Boulder, Colorado home. King left Maine in 1974 and lived in Boulder for less than a year. It is obvious that Colorado left a major impression on him, though, since many of his novels are based on and inspired by Colorado.

King must have been homesick because he moved back to Maine quickly.

Stephen King's 6 Books Based in Colorado: Fun Fact, He Lived Here

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Stephen King Was Not a Fan of All of His Film Adaptations

If you have ever read a book and then seen the movie version of it. There are obviously going to be differences. Imagine being an author and having that experience. It is most likely frustrating unless the author is involved.

That was the case for The Shining. Stanley Kubrick made the film three years after Stephen King wrote the best-selling book.

Here is what King had to say about the film adaptation.

That’s what’s wrong with [Stanley Kubrick’s] The Shining, basically…the movie has no heart; there’s no center to the picture. I wrote the book as a tragedy, and if it was a tragedy, it was because all the people loved each other. Here, it seems there’s no tragedy because there’s nothing to be lost. - Stephen King

What is your favorite Stephen King book? Let us know.

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