It was December 27, 1973. Colorado State Trooper Thomas Carpenter was murdered. The case is still unsolved. 

45 years later and the case file remains open. There are some details, but there were never any suspects or arrests.

From what the State Patrol knows, Trooper Carpenter was on duty that evening. According to reports, he stopped on the highway to help out what seemed to be two men with a broken down vehicle. What happened next, no one really knows for sure. But, somehow, the two men were able to get the Trooper's gun away from him. From there, it seems that the two men may have forced Carpenter to drive around until winding up at an apartment complex.

Sadly, Trooper Carpenter was later located still in his vehicle with four bullets in the back of his head. Execution style.

Thomas Carpenter was a husband, father of three and a former marine.

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