Living in Colorado, we are lucky to be able to witness so many different types of wildlife - sometimes even right in our own backyards. But part of that also means responsibility cohabitating with wild animals and making sure not to interfere or interrupt their natural lives and instincts.

Recently, a Colorado Springs resident was cited, after illegally bringing a fawn into their home, feeding it, and keeping it as a pet. Colorado Parks and Wildlife rescued the young deer, but because it was separated from its mother, the fawn is now an orphan and was sent to rehab until it's able to be released back into the wild and survive on its own.

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Not only is it incredibly dangerous to keep a wild animal as a pet, but taking wildlife out of their environment is disruptive and damaging to their natural processes.

CPW suggests always leaving baby wildlife alone. In the case of deer, as well as many other animals, the mother is often off feeding and will return soon. If the mother is nearby and senses her newborn is in danger, she could possibly attack too.

If a young animal truly does appear to be abandoned, rather than trying to rescue it, it's recommended to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife to come to assess the situation.

Check out CPW's additional resources and tips for living in harmony with wildlife in our state.

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