Hummingbirds have started their journey north from Mexico and will soon be arriving all over Colorado for the spring. When is the best time to set up your hummingbird feeder for their arrival?

We're taking a closer look at what kinds of hummingbirds are common in Colorado when you should set up your feeder, and some pro tips to keep the hummingbirds coming back for more.

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Humminbird Migration

Ruby-throated Humminbird
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Colorado's hummingbirds winter in Mexico and then travel north to the United States from April to September. They begin moving north as early as February with the ability to travel around 20 miles each day. The most common types of hummingbirds found in the Centennial State include the Purple-throated Calliope, Ruby-Throated, and brown and green Rufous.

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When To Put Your Hummingbird Feeder Out In Colorado

When Should You Put Your Hummingbird Feeder Out for The Season in Colorado?
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Waves of hummingbirds start to arrive in Colorado from mid-April until the end of May. A larger wave of hummingbirds also arrives in Colorado in early July. Hummingbird feeders can be set up by late March or late June. It's important to try to place the feeder in the shade as the warm summer sun can quickly spoil the nectar.

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Prepping Your Hummingbird Feeder

A hummingbird feeder should include one part table sugar and four parts water. Do not add food coloring, sugar substitutes, or honey. These additions could result in the death of your hummingbirds.

It's important to keep the feeder clean and to replace the solution once every 3 to 5 days. If hummingbirds taste fermented water or moldy sugar water they will not be coming back to your feeder. Check to make sure ants or bees do not disrupt the feeder.

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