I've seen wedding photos that weren't this clear and sharp. Behold, the greatest security camera photo of all time. It was captured last week during the theft of a vehicle in Colorado Springs.

Never before in human history has anyone captured such an excellent crime photo. Seriously, this is better than my senior yearbook photo.

The Colorado Springs Police Department seeks information regarding this subject, a white male between the ages of 18 and 25. He is sought in regards to a stolen vehicle recovered at the Retreat at Austin Bluffs apartments. The vehicle was stolen from the area of Chromium Drive and Vanadium Drive on Monday, August 13th.

Colorado Springs police need your help finding this man in connection with a stolen vehicle. Side note, we want more pictures of suspects like this. - Colorado Springs Police Department

Wait a minute. To my eyes, this looks like a photo of a photo of a photo. It's an image on a cell phone. But wait! The image itself appears to be on a computer screen. Look at the upper left corner. What's going on here?

Let's talk about that wardrobe for a moment. Comments started to appear on the Colorado Springs Police Department Facebook page almost immediately:

To which the Colorado Springs Police Department replied:

Some wondered the same thing I did. Was this real or a joke?

To which the police replied:

UPDATE: Thanks to the public, this suspect has been identified.

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