Did you know that 64% of Colorado school districts operate on a four-day school week?

If you're like me, that number is surprising. I had no idea so many schools in Colorado had made the switch and the number is rising. At last count, 116 school districts had changed to a four-day week. Many of these are rural districts and charter schools, but not all of them.

Brush Beetdiggers Break Tradition

I was shocked to learn this week that my high school alma mater, Brush High School, home of the Beetdiggers, and the Brush School District in northeast Colorado will be joining the ranks of schools moving to a four-day week. According to the Fort Morgan Times, the Brush School District will be transitioning to a four-day school week this fall.

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Google Street View

Things have sure changed since I was at Brush High School in the early 80s. That building was replaced with a new school three years ago, and now, a four-day school week. I wonder what's next.

A National Trend

Across the nation, the traditional five-day school week is slowly going the way of prehistoric dinosaurs, and it seems certain the day is approaching when 4-day school weeks are the norm. More than 1600 school districts in the United States have adopted the four-day model.

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What Are the Benefits of a Four-Day School Week?

In most cases, the switch to a four-day school week isn't connected to cost savings. In the case of Brush, Fridays will still offer transportation, food, and optional instruction. As for the benefits of a shorter school week, those are laid out by the Clear Creek School District.

  • To attract and retain teachers
  • Opportunities for different kinds of learning
  • Time for students to complete homework or seek extra help
  • Students get more time with family and outside activities
  • Teachers will have more time to collaborate, learn, and plan

Drawbacks of a Four-Day School Week

On the downside of a shorter school week are issues like child care, and recent research that indicates slower rates of student progress in schools that have adopted the four-day school week. Does less time in the classroom mean less learning?

Regardless of the pros and cons, it seems likely the trend will continue, and in the next few years, every school in America will be on a four-day school week. Only time will tell if it's a positive change.

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