Everyone has their own opinion on police officers right now, and my opinion has never changed. I’m a big supporter of law enforcement officers and even though there might be a few bad apples that make everyone look bad, I don’t believe that is the case with most law enforcement officers. And with the number of violent crimes we have seen lately in Colorado, I would think school resource officers would be welcomed on school campuses but I’m finding out that is not the case.

We got word from CBS 4 that even after doing a survey showing that school resource officers are wanted at schools the Poudre School Board is thinking about removing all resource officers. Last year the “Community Advisory Committee” known as the CAC said that officers should be replaced by officers that are already patrolling outside of each building without stepping foot inside. These officers would be welcomed inside during unique circumstances and emergencies.

As a Student, It Was Comforting to Know an Officer Was On-Duty

When I was a student I didn’t worry too much about school shootings or random acts of violence. But now they are more prevalent within our community. I would think that now more than ever we need officers standing by protecting students who are told to leave anything that even resembles a weapon at home.

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School Resource Officers Should Remain in Place in All Colorado Schools

While I understand my opinion isn’t shared by all people, I think it’s important to keep all students safe and feel that school resource officers need to stay in place to protect staff and students. While I understand that one school district in Colorado is debating this idea, I hope that this is one trend that doesn’t catch on across our state.

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