A Colorado Representative has proposed a bill that many say would cripple the current medical and recreational marijuana industry in the state.

The Representative, Yadira Caraveo, has put forth a bill that would severely limit the current medical and recreational marijuana industry that has been prevalent in Colorado for several years.

One of the major controversial subjects of the bill is that it would limit the sale of marijuana products to those of only 15% tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC, or less, which is the psychoactive chemical in the plant.

This would include marijuana buds or "flower" as it's more commonly known, as well as edibles and other forms of the plant. The bill would also prohibit flavored vaporizer products, inhalers, and suppository forms of the plant, which are much less common and largely unknown by most users.

In addition, it would require medical marijuana patients to only obtain a pre-prescribed amount of marijuana, similar to a prescription given by a doctor.

There is also a measure in the bill that would track purchases of marijuana and marijuana-related items back to those that have purchased them, which many have said is an invasion of privacy.

Luckily, according to Westword.com, the bill has a highly unlikely chance of passing, or even being introduced to the state congress.

In fact, the director of the Southern Colorado Cannabis Council Jason Warf has called the proposed bill "unconstitutional" and believes that "nothing is salvageable" in the bill with regard to its wording and proposed measures.


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