As of November 6, recreational weed has been legal in Colorado for five years. Colorado was the first state to legalize it and five years later, this is how Colorado celebrates.

  • Grandma Driving With No Grandma

    When you see someone going 10 under the speed limit, they are definitely celebrating Colorado's Weediversary.

  • Hot Box

    There's so much smoke in the car you start to wonder, can they even see? Are they getting oxygen or just getting higher by breathing in smoke?

  • Gas Station Gazer

    You're wondering why they've been starting at candy the whole time you're inside the gas station. They're wondering what would pair best with Golden Goat -- Skittles or Starburst?

  • Rollin' in the Red

    They've obviously been rolling something up, because their eyes are redder than the devil' know. Allergies, attack of tears? I doubt it.

  • Cannabis Cloud

    There's a weird looking cloud hovering above you and it's not a cumulus cloud. That smoke is from the celebration of Colorado's fifth legal weed anniversary. Happy Weediversary!

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