Would you be surprised to learn Sebastian is one of the most popular baby names in Colorado? Would you be at all shocked to discover Charlotte is one of the most common names for baby girls for the last year?

According to Social Security Online, these names were the most popular in Colorado for 2021 based on the number of Social Security card applications.

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Most Popular Baby Names In Colorado For The Year 2021

In 2021, a total of 204 baby boys by the name of Mateo applied for Social Security cards. Also in 2021, a total of 160 baby girls by the name of Eleanor did the same.

Here at the studio, we're just about to wrap up our big gender reveal contest. What are the odds our contest winner might select a baby name from this list?

Says Who?

This information comes courtesy of Social Security Online at ssa.gov. The site shares information involving the 100 most popular baby names for each state in the nation.

Trends Influencing The List

An article from Baby Center dated November 1, 2021, states:

Baby names often take inspiration from what's happening in the world around us, and in 2021, that was no different. Some of this year's most popular baby names channeled nature (Willow, Sage), world-class Olympians (Naomi, Caeleb), and beloved binge-worthy pleasures like Bridgerton and WandaVision. - Babycenter.com


Colorado Compared To Other States

Colorado is following right along with other states when it comes to the most popular names. If you compare Colorado to Arkansas, you find the two most popular boy and girl names are identical for each state. Believe it or not, there's not much difference between Colorado's most popular names compared to Hawaii's. As a matter of fact, the #1 most popular girl's name is the same for both states.

Predictions For 2022

Regrettably, this list does not provide information for the year 2022. If it did, it's safe to say we'd see a tremendous spike involving one popular boy's name. In 2021, the name Maverick came in at #50 on the list of most popular boys' names. With the tremendous success of the movie Top Gun: Maverick, and given the tendency to borrow names from the cinematic universe, what would you like to bet the name Maverick will make a huge leap on the list in 2022?

Colorado's Most Popular Baby Names For 2021

Would you be surprised to learn the name Amelia is one of the most popular baby names in Colorado? How about Sebastian? That's on the list two. Here's a look at the most popular baby names for the state of Colorado for the year 2021, based on the number of Social Security card applications.

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