A new study has named Colorado as the healthiest state in the country. Not only that, but Colorado women are also ranked healthiest in the nation, and Colorado men are named second healthiest.

So, what makes Colorado the healthiest state? Well, when you think about the stereotypical Coloradan, the image of a labrador owning, Subaru driving health nut appears, right?

Coloradans are very active. We go skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing in the winter, and ride mountain bikes in the summer. We go kayaking, we run 5Ks, we go hiking, and Colorado is the perfect environment for the outdoorsy type.

In addition, we watch what we eat. The stereotypical Coloradan spends a lot of time and money at grocery stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts, focusing on eating organic, healthy foods.

While healthiness undoubtedly varies by region, the whole grain, kale eating folks of places like Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins make up for less healthy areas of Colorado. So much so in fact, that the fact that we like to drink a lot of beer doesn't drag us down enough to not topple the other 50 states in the union as far as healthiness goes.

Oddly enough, the second healthiest state is not a neighboring state, but is actually Hawaii, with Mississippi coming in dead last.

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