Colorado is not the state for couch potatoes. The cost of living makes just sitting around feel expensive, so it's nice to at least be out doing stuff. We all pay for it one way or another, right?

I've lived in 9 states. Crowded states, boring states, and even a state with NO professional sports organizations (only College teams). Once bitten, Colorado just keeps calling with additional cool destinations for you to seek out in all four corners. We asked you to tell us about a place in Colorado you have always wanted to see but haven't yet. See the answers below.

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Colorado's Must-See Attractions

I love the way the answers to our question created a really cool web of destinations that would show off most of our state. Wouldn't it be cool to load up the car with a co-pilot or two, and try to make it all the way down the list in one trip? Yes. Yes, it would. Probably be expensive too.

Make Time For Your Colorado Bucket List

We have 52 weekends a year to get out and enjoy our state. It just doesn't seem to be nearly enough time. See if the list below doesn't add a location or two to your own list.

Tell Us About A Place in Colorado You Would Love to See but Haven't Yet

Below, we will hear more about places like the Blue Lakes near Mount Sneffels and Spring Cave up near Meeker. Your answers have started a really cool list and we would love to see even more. The links below will help you answer this question yourself on our Facebook page, or chat us up with our mobile app. 

Amazing Colorado Bucket List Destinations We Still Need to Visit

We've all got places in Colorado we can't wait to see but just haven't been to yet. Which destination is on your bucket list? Scroll on to see some of the most sought-after destinations in the Centennial State that you told us you can't wait to see.

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