Have you heard about the latest craze happening now in Boulder, Colorado? A group of people in Boulder are drinking their pee and using it topically to benefit their health. One Colorado musician can shed a little light on this craziness.

I was born and raised in Colorado, but have spent little time in Boulder. I'm not familiar with the community. Word on the street is some crazy things go down.

What's the latest? A group of people in Boulder either drink urine or use it for topical treatment, according to CBS19. The Urine Therapy Meetup is once a month the public library in Boulder.

One of the group members uses it to treat eczema, by soaking their hands in their own urine. Another uses it for various ailments, and according to CBS 19 she:

In the morning that is the first thing I do. Let some part [of the urine] go, take the middle part, put it in my eyes, put it in my face, and just have some Chai in the morning.

Last September, I was was invited to a private concert event north of Denver called "Little Red Rocks." One of the performers was a young woman named Shana In a Dress. She performed a little tune called "Boulder Song." For those of us not familiar with Boulder, the tune explained some of the vibe emanating from the town. Check out the part at 1:57.

I mean no disrespect to the residents of Boulder. I hear it's a great community. As a native Coloradoan, I'm not sure how it is I've spent so little time around Boulder. Regardless, I believe I'll avoid this latest craze. The whole "Tide Pod" sensation here in Western Colorado still has me confused. The "urine" phenomenon will have to sit tight.

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