Are you in the market for a new home in Colorado? Sorry, but this opportunity has already passed us by. Don't worry, though, you can still take a tour of the most expensive home ever sold in Colorado.

Chances are you didn't see this one on or in the local newspaper. This sale snuck in under the radar.

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Most Expensive Home Sold in Colorado

According to Erik Conover's Youtube channel, this home in Aspen, Colorado represents the most expensive home ever sold in the state. How much? Only $72,500,000.

This is Why You Didn't See It Listed

This home was so incredibly "exclusive" it was sold entirely off-market. Hence the reason why you didn't see it in the real estate section of the Sunday newspaper. This all went down during the summer of 2021.

Specs on the House

Okay, so what did the buyer get for $72,500,000? Here's a quick rundown on the house:

  • Over 22,000 square feet
  • Located on 4.5 acres (keep in mind, this is Aspen - even the most expensive properties rarely have more than an acre)
  • 11 bedrooms
  • 17 bathrooms
  • 40-foot ceilings
  • built in 2006

Who Purchased the Home?

According to, the buyer is Patrick Dovigi, a retired Canadian professional hockey player turned entrepreneur. states the sale was the most expensive in Aspen's history. It does not reflect Erik Conover's statement the sale was the most expensive sale of a single-family home in Colorado's history.

Enough talk. I could spend all day telling you about this house. The best way to experience the magnificence of this property is to enjoy a brief tour.

Colorado's Most Expensive House Ever Just Sold for an Outrageous Price

This little number comes in at just over 22,000 square feet. It features 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and 40 foot ceilings. Make your way to Aspen, Colorado, for the real estate adventure of a lifetime.

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