A huge turn in the North Avenue versus University Boulevard issue in Grand Junction. CMU 20,000, the organization behind the change,  released the following statement. 

"CMU 20,000 is formally requesting that City Council reconsider its previous formal designation of the North Avenue name change."

Basically, CMU 20,000 is saying it has changed its mind. The renaming of North Avenue has become a distraction from it's higher goals and purposes.

In a startling set of circumstances, it looks like the tide has enormously turned in the favor of keeping North Avenue what it is -- North Avenue.

I found this letter on the Facebook page of KeepNorth4Ever.

This will be a topic of discussion at the next City Council meeting on Wednesday (Oct. 18).

If you ever wanted to go to a City Council meeting, this might be the one. I am not sure how much fight the City Council can possibly have left. When your own partnering organization behind the name change says, "you know what, guys, maybe we were wrong on this issue," what else can you possibly do? The City Council has already caused a huge gap between itself and Grand Junction residents. I cannot possibly fathom that they ruffle the feathers of Colorado Mesa University.

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