If you read the names Bryan Carlson and Beth McBride on the CMU graduation program, you wouldn't even think twice.

Until you realize that Bryan and Beth are linked in a couple of special ways. First, they were once linked by an umbilical cord. Yup, they are son and mom. Second they BOTH graduated from CMU on Friday. Together.

Among the almost 600 graduates at the ceremony on Friday, I doubt that there were two students happier and prouder than Bryan and Beth. However, it almost didn't happen. Beth found out last year that she was set to graduate with Bryan this winter. She didn't want to do that. She said she wanted it to be about Bryan and not here. Well, Bryan put a stop to that. He insisted that they do this together. So, mom said OK.

Bryan graduated with a bachelor's  degree in acting and directing, while Beth obtained her bachelor's in history.