Talk about the ultimate punch to the gut. According to KDVR, Peter Bayley was just like all of us, dreamed big about winning a lottery or Powerball jackpot. Well, last spring that dream became a reality but Peter didn't know it.

Peter said that if he ever did win it big he and his wife would be traveling for the rest of their days. And while Peter didn't win millions he did pick the correct number to win $1,500. Not a bad ticket when it comes to the Powerball lottery.

But, in the state of Colorado, all lottery winners must come forward within six months to claim their prize. Because of the pandemic winners were allowed an additional 30 days to claim their prize. Tickets could be redeemed through certified mail or at several other outlets.

Peter admits that he could have used certified mail but just didn't feel comfortable with that option. And by the time he eventually turned his ticket in, it was too late. He missed the deadline by just 3 days.

But Peter is doing just fine admitting this is totally on him and admits it's important to keep rules strict when playing games such as these. He also stresses how important it is to know all the rules when playing these games.

Proceeds not collected by winning tickets help out organizations like Great Outdoors Colorado, The Conservation Trust Fund, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the Colorado Department of Education.

Good luck to all lottery players and remember you can't win if you don't play.

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