Every veteran has a story to tell, and one local man is working to share those stories with the world.

Brad Hoopes started Remember and Honor to pay tribute to past and present veterans. Since its inception, he has recorded hundreds of interviews with veterans, which he shares with the public on his YouTube channel.

"I've always had a respect for veterans...and I've always loved learning about people and their backstories," said Hoopes in our "Tuned Into NoCo" interview. "It's something so that they and their families will always have their stories preserved."

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The project not only benefits the families of veterans but also the veterans themselves. While every veteran has a story to tell, Hoopes noted that many choose to keep quiet about their service — by allowing them to open up, the project has provided veterans with an immense sense of relief.

However, Remember and Honor's impact reaches beyond the veteran community. Hoopes hopes that the project will garner a greater appreciation for veterans among the public.

"Ask them to tell their story...listen to their story. It isn't like they went off and served, came back, and put it behind them," he said. "So many of them still have lingering effects or memories that will stay with them the rest of their lives. Just appreciate and thank a veteran whenever you come across one."

Along with his YouTube Channel, Hoopes has also published essays about some of the interviews in his book, Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors. If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed, contact him at brad.hoopes@rememberandhonor.com.


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