This pandemic has changed so many things it has been a struggle for all of us as we try to navigate each day but most of us never actually contracted COVID-19, thankfully. But unfortunately for Ernesto Castro out of Evans, Colorado he did have to spend multiple days in a coma, hooked up to a ventilator, fighting the coronavirus. Now according to The Denver Channel, Ernesto and his family are facing a new obstacle the cost for his treatment.

The letters from Meritain Health his insurance provider began at the beginning of May, then calls from the hospital, and caseworkers. He knew that he couldn't hide from the bills but was nervous to find out the cost. When he opened the letter in the mail he found out his insurance denied all expenses so he is expected to pay $139,254.16 out of pocket.

This news was devastating to Ernesto, he then called his insurance company and they began questioning him about his hospital stay. He explained that it was due to the coronavirus, he was told the hospital didn't bill the expenses under COVID-19. He then reached out to the hospital who said his case was under review.

The assistant commissioner with the Colorado Division of Insurance Vincent Plymell said most people should be covered from bills related to COVID-19 under two circumstances.

  1. If the Colorado Division of Insurance regulates the insurance, it will fall under the emergency regulation, which protects patients.
  2. The hospital is not required to send bills for COVID-19 treatment if they received CARES Act funding.

This is something that Ernesto is going to have to stay on top of until his insurance and the hospital can work it out. And it's a great reminder for anyone who has received treatment for COVID-19 to check all medical expenses related to those hospital visits.

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