The weather forecast for Colorado's front range is for hail. Last year, a hail storm in Denver caused billions of dollars in damage. With the possibility of hail leaving more dents and broken windows in cars than anyone can count, how do you prepare for it? Here's one possible solution.

For dwellers in the dry desert of western Colorado, it's hard to imagine going to this extreme. According to AAA Colorado, last year a hailstorm caused $2.3 billion in damage to cars and homes.

The Colorado Mills Mall was damaged so badly in the storm that it was closed several months for major repairs.

Besides covering your car in cardboard, plastic wrap, tape and maybe some bubble wrap or foam rubber for good measure - all excellent ideas -  here are some tips from AAA Colorado that will help you prepare for hail.

  • Find Shelter - Unless you enjoy standing in the middle of the driving range being pelted by golf balls, find shelter in a building or under a sturdy shelter. If inside, stay away from the windows. If outside, don't shelter under a tree. If none of these options are available, find some way to protect your head.
  • Protect Your Car - Find a covered place to park like a parking garage, car wash or try one of the suggestions above. If that's not possible and you're in the car, find a safe place to stop, duck your head and cover it, with your arms and hands if you have to, to protect yourself from broken glass.
  • After the Storm - Assess the damage to your car, home and, other items. Contact your insurance company then make repairs, even if very temporary, that will help prevent further damage.

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