It seems impossible, considering the fact that there's not one in the state, but In-N-Out is apparently Colorado's favorite burger.

A map that was shared on Reddit shows In-N-Out to be the burger of choice in Colorado, even though the nearest restaurants are in Arizona and Utah, where, not surprisingly, In-N-Out is also the burger of choice.

Other Colorado neighbors Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska all favor the burgers of Five Guys, while New Mexico favors, of all things is the Burger King's Whopper Jr. -- that is hilarious!

Mental compiled the map based on an on-line survey.

In the eastern part of the country, Five Guys is clearly the favorite, while In-N-Out's popularity is confined to the southwest, except for Illinois, which, like Colorado, does not even have a member of the chain in the state.

Carl's Jr gets the nod in the Pacific Northwest, and Whataburger is #1 in Texas while Culver's and Steak-n-Shake are preferred in the upper Midwest and the Plains states.

What is perfectly clear is that America loves a good burger and Colorado is more than ready to welcome In-N-Out inside its borders.

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