This poor bald eagle in Colorado lost her life partner recently and was left a single mom of two eggs. Things were rough for this bald eagle, who had no one else to turn to or to watch her babies if she went for food. Get ready to be inspired.

Even though her chances of surviving weren't high, the bald eagle proved to be a strong, independent woman who has found love again.

About a week a wildlife photographer, who's been watching this eagle/nest for years, saw something completely unexpected.

The photographer saw a new bald eagle in the nest, who appeared to be a male between 3-5 years old. The lovebirds have been spotted together day and night, flying and sleeping side by side.

Although it's not likely for bald eagles to find new mates this fast, this bald eagle has been through some traumatic stuff. These lovebirds show us that there can be love after loss and there's always a way to find love again.

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