This single bald eagle mom of two is having no troubles in the dating world. After her partner died, she then found a new partner, broke up, and now is dating a new bald eagle.

The mama bald eagle lost her partner during the bomb cyclone blizzard and was left alone with two eggs. She then was spotted flying and sleeping side by side with a new, younger bald eagle about a week later.

I'm not sure if the bald eagle broke up with her new boyfriend or it's actually not her boyfriend at all. Colorado Parks & Wildlife stated that the younger eagle could actually be her son and he just came back to a familiar place. Or the eagle just came back looking for food.

Either way, it wasn't a romantic sort of love but the mama bald eagle wasn't giving up. She was recently spotted with a new bald eagle, one who's not quite so young. The two eagles were seen snuggling near her nest. (Cue the 'awwws' here.)

Even though the Colorado lovebirds have changed, it looks like it's still a love story after all.

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