Driving around Grand Junction and Mesa County you can see several types of Colorado license plates. Different color schemes, various letter and number patterns and many distinct organizations that are supported. The State of Colorado DMV website has all the requirements, fees and other necessary information for you will need to apply for these special plates.

I bring this up because I finally had to get Colorado plates on my vehicle. The Colorado driver's license was a snap compared to this. Not complaining, but when I was asked what type of license plate I wanted, it went downhill from there. Seems like a simple. question. But, I was not prepared like I should have been.

Personalized, charity or group, military honor, historic, antique, classic, smoked, BBQ'd, dipped, fried, fresh, organic,etc. The choices seemed endless. All for great causes of course, but should have done my homework.

  • Personalized - combination up to 7 characters (6 for cycle) that can include letters, numbers, spaces, dashes and periods. It may be turned down for several reasons, so always have a backup or two.  There is a fee on top of the regular registration cost for these.
  • Designer plates - this includes the green mountains and blue sky, but can is ONLY available as a personalized plate. Throw another $50 on top of those other two fees.
  • Charity and Group plates - some organizations include pet adoption, Boy Scouts, State Parks and wildlife. Inside of that there are some specific groups that are limited to only members. They include firefighters and Emergency Medical Services. And yes, there is an additional fee for these types of plates. A complete list of these plates, fees and donation requirements right here.

For a complete list of charity plates, fees, and donation requirements, see the CO DMV website.

  • Alumni plates - several colleges and university plates can be ordered. Interestingly enough you don't  even have to be  a student or alumnus, BUT you do have to make a donation to that school to get the plate.

The state of Colorado has many more choices including military branches, military honors and even specific wars and conflicts. Plus, you can apply for classic, historic and antique plates.

Check the State of Colorado DMV website for all the different types.

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