You have probably heard of this type of thing taking place in other cities around the country, most notably being New York City with so many cases of COVID-19 being confirmed, but now Colorado is going to start howling to show community support each night at 8 p.m.

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We have so many friends and neighbors that are working so hard at grocery stores, hospitals, driving truck, and so many other professions that are hard at work. This is something very simple for us to show them support during this very difficult and unusual time. Now is not the time to be worried about acting weird, silly, or goofy. Now is the time to show others in our community that they are supported and appreciated for all that they are doing.

There have been reports of so people howling, others are cheering, it really doesn’t matter just remember to grab all of your family members and get outside tonight and every night until this pandemic is over to show support for our community here in the Grand Valley.

I can promise you that your neighbors will not have a problem with you making noise, and most likely they will come to join in on the fun. Please remember to practice social distancing even as your neighborhood comes together during this time.

And lastly, let all of your family, friends, and neighbors know about our “date at 8 pm” nightly to bring a little cheer to our community here in Colorado.

*Here is a video of a howl taking place in Montana that a friend sent my way.*

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