Taking a quick trip back to my childhood brings up memories of sports cards and comic books. I remember the boxes upon boxes that I was proud to own. The smell of the comic book and sportscard stores is burned into my head for life.

Nowadays it seems as everything is digitally consumed, but there is still a large market for those who are into physical comic books. Comic bookstores are a fun place to visit even if you are not an avid collector of them. Here is a fun fact for you, Colorado is home to the largest comic book store in the United States.

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Located in Denver, Mile High Comics is a 45,000 square foot comic megastore and is home to over 10 million comics and 300,000 trade paperbacks. The owner of Mile High Comics, Chuck Rozanski, started the company in his parent's basement in 1969. By the time Rozanski was 21, he purchased the "Mile High" collection of Golden Age comics, which is believed to be the largest collection of old comics ever discovered.

Rozanski says one of the goals is to create a free visiting experience for the kids that will build memories for the parents. He also says that when you visit Mile High Comics in Denver "if you don't spend a dime, I don't care, I just want you to have a good experience with your child".

In 2016, actor/producer, Kevin Smith toured Mile High Comics with Rozanski. You watch the tour video below. Fair warning, it is Kevin Smith, so there could possibly be explicit language.


If you would like to visit Mile High Comics in Denver, information, store hours and more can be found HERE.

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