One of the biggest concerns in Colorado is affordable housing and, as it turns out, the lack of affordable housing isn't good for your health, either.

Just before the mid-term elections in 2018, the Colorado Health Foundation and Kaiser Family Foundation did a poll on housing costs, as well as other factors in the state and found the majority of those polled say the housing crisis is getting worse.

In a state where residents are forced to use a third of their income just on housing. Colorado is one of the least affordable states in the U.S. for housing costs and as a result, many families have to take on the added responsibility of second and sometimes third jobs just to live every month. That in combination with taking care of all other aspects of daily life is making Coloradans ill. And when you add in healthcare costs, it becomes a serious health issue.

Add in the stress involved and you can see where health would become a concern. Some families are forced to move into substandard housing simply because it's all they can afford.

What are the solutions?

Putting civic leaders together with homeowners, landlords, and others, finding a way to, if not reduce the housing costs at least slowing the speed in which affordability gets further away.

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