Is there an eyesore in Fruita/Grand Junction that you drive by everyday that you are sick of looking at? Is it a run-down building or a haggard road sign? How long has it been something you have wanted to get rid of?

Keep going to check out the top twenty eyesores you told us about in Fruita/Grand Junction in the gallery below.

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Grand Junction's Most Popular Eyesore

If you guessed Grand Junction's old "Far East" location, you are correct. The structure at North Avenue and 15th has been fenced off and decorated with graffiti for years. Lord knows there is potential for the location to be turned into something else. Instead, it just seems to sit there taking up space.

Fruita's Most Popular Eyesore

Lots of Fruita residents tell us the biggest eyesore in Fruita may be the old Fruita refinery. The 1,336-acre facility closed after forty years in operation, with a portion of it turned into the Western Slope Industrial and Rail Park.

Keep going to see what Coloradans had to say about some of the biggest eyesores in and around the Grand Valley. Open our station app and hit the chat button to tell us about a place you think is ready for a change.

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Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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