How would you like to live in a dome? How about living in the beautiful Colorado mountains just minutes from a ski resort? Luckily, that could actually be a reality as a dome-shaped home just minutes from Powderhorn Mountain Resort is currently for sale.

Location of Colorado Dome Home

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The home is located at 49168 Lela Ln, Mesa, CO 81643, deep in the Western Colorado mountains, south of DeBeque and due east of Grand Junction:

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In fact, the home is located just up the road from Powderhorn Mountain Resort, which is what the town of Mesa, Colorado is most known for:

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Google Maps

Info About the Colorado Dome Home Near Powderhorn

You probably wouldn't guess it by looking at the outside, but the home has a total of three bedrooms. It is 1,910 square feet in area and sits on a 0.67-acre lot and currently carries a price tag of $359,000.

In addition, the home has a garage large enough to fit two cars which, likely not coincidentally, is also dome-shaped.

The home is roughly 42 years old as it was built in 1980 but appears to be in excellent shape, especially given its creative architectural structure.

Other Features in Colorado Dome Home Near Powderhorn

The home has a spacious living room, an enormous closet, a sauna, an office, and a cozy attic. The inside of the home is also absolutely breathtaking due in part to the creative use of wood patterns to create the walls.

However, one drawback is that the home itself does not appear to have a bathroom. However, a sizeable outdoor restroom does sit on the property and appears to have been built recently.

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