Champ is a one-year-old border collie mix with an arrow stuck in his skull and nasal cavity.

La Plata Humane Society is now trying to raise funds to help save the dog's life.

Champ went to the vet with what was thought to be kennel cough, but that was incorrect and his health continued to decline, so they sent him for x-rays and that's when they found the arrow, lodged in his nasal cavity and skull.

Champ now needs a high-risk surgery to save his life, and the cost is over $5,000, including recovery. And the Humane Society is hoping the public will help Champ by donating to help offset the cost of the life-saving surgery.

The surgery is scheduled for this week and it is hoped they will receive enough donations to allow the surgery to take place.

The reason Champ has the arrow in his head in the first place is unknown, but according to the Humane Society, he's a mellow, good boy who needs a break. La Plata Humane Society via Facebook.

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